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Computer virus removal

Virus removal and repair service Swindon
With over 14 years of Trading we have seen and cleaned many computers and laptops infected with various viruses such as Trojans, Root-kits, Ransom-ware and your good old Ad-ware

Some viruses can log your keystrokes, others are designed to damage your operating system and make it impossible to use
We have also seen many times, ransom-ware saying you have been reported to the FBI / Police for downloading indecent images

We have not been beaten by a virus yet, so please if you suspect your computer / laptop  is infected with a virus or is running slow and erratic, please contact us before its to late, our virus removal service may save more than just your computer

Our virus removal service includes

Removal of any virus
spy-ware removal
Also removal of malware and root kits
Repair any operating system issues and test for proper functionality
Perform critical system updates
Apply system modifications
Tips to help prevent future infections

In the unlikely event our computer engineers / technicians are unable to fix your issues we will not charge you

Will you remove the virus from my Laptop, tablet or desktop computer on-site or collect and repair?

Answer: With a virus, spy-ware and malware, we usually prefer to collect and repair. This gives us time to make sure the virus has been successfully removed, which involves running alot of extensive tests. Also the service fee is fixed (on-site support is charged per-hour). Not all repairs require thorough testing. For an indication of how long a repair can take, please contact us

Your computer laptop notebook pc or tablet may be infected by a virus if you experience one or more of the following symptoms

Warning from Microsoft in your browser, prompting you to call a telephone number usually accomanied with an annoying voice telling you "your computer is infected"
Unfamiliar program informing you of a problem
Unwanted adverts/ pop-ups
Desktop or Laptop is has been locked by the Police or FBI
Your internet browser start page has changed
Your firewall reports it may have been turned off
Strange or new icons appear on your desktop
Your anti virus program will not update

Common Virus Mal-ware Spy-ware name and simple explanations

Trojan – these are probably the most dangerous kind of Malware because they have a simple target; your personal and financial information or your computer’s system resources. This is why Trojans rarely disrupt your computer, or even destroy files, making them difficult to stop with the right tools.

Root-kit – These are designed to hide themselves in the early stages of the operating system loading. They require human intervention to be installed and you are typically tricked into installing them by various offers. They are the hardest of all Malware to detect and therefore difficult to remove.

Virus – Probably the most well known type of Malware and has made headlines in the mainstream media. Although once popular, they are easy to detect and contain as they were often spread via email.

Worm – These vary from viruses in that they rely on exploits within a computer to spread. Worms tend not to infect other files but create their own instance and then seek out other computers to infect. Worms then open back-door so that remote hackers can access your system.

Spy-ware – This is software that spies on you by tracking your internet activities in order to present targeted advertising. The author also collects this data and sells the information on to other organisations
Adware – This is not really dangerous software but it proves very lucrative for its author because Ad ware displays ads on your computer. The level of advertising depends on the author but the small text in the licensing agreement – which we hardly ever read – means that you’ve agreed to it. However, constant pop ups become rather annoying and the author doesn’t always make it easy to remove the software.

Key-logger – This type of Malware logs all the keystrokes you make to log sensitive information such as passwords and financial details. This information is then accessed by the hacker either via a back-door or by sending the information back to a remote server.

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