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Apple Mac repair Swindon
credit cards excepted for all Repairs
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Apple Mac repair Swindon
01793 422534
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Laptop repair

With over 14 years of trading in Swindon repairing computers and laptops, you can be assured Com Masters Laptop repair have the tools, skills and knowledge to repair your Laptop correctly and at the right price

We are able to fully diagnose and repair any laptop fault including: laptop screen repair, hard drive, IDE SATA PATA SSD, Solid State Drive, Motherboard, Ram / Memory, Graphics card, Video card,VGA ports, DVD Drives / Rom’s, LCD screen problems, usb ports, sound chips, CPU, heat sink, fans, laptop power supply, touchpad, keyboard and more

And our highly skilled team of Swindon based Microsoft Certified Technicians, are always on hand to help with advice and assist you to resolve any Laptop repair or issues that you may have.

With our Laptop Collect - Repair - Return service the price is fixed, so all the work involved in getting your Laptop repaired or computer repair completed is included in our fixed repair fee, with the only added cost being for parts that maybe required to repair your computer or laptop.

We also offer an on-site Laptop repair service in Swindon and the surrounding areas, this is charged @ £50 by the hour and after the first hour we charge in half hour increments ie £25 per 30 minutes.

We usually prefer to collect and repair. This gives us time to make sure the Laptop repairs have been successfully completed, which involves running extensive tests. But not all Laptop repairs require thorough testing. So for an indication of how long a Laptop repair can take, and the service to suit your laptop or computer repair please contact us on 01793 422534

Common Laptop Problems you may experience

  • My laptop runs very hot and switches off
  • I have a cracked laptop screen
  • My laptop switches itself off
  • The laptop runs very slow and crashes often
  • I dropped my laptop and now it no longer switches on
  • I split some liquid on to the laptop and it doesn’t work properly
  • My wireless connection has broken & isn’t working as it should
  • My keyboard has stopped working
  • I get a blue screen
  • I get an operating system not found message
  • My laptop doesn’t switch on at all
  • My laptop starts up as I can hear the fan and the lights flash, but nothing appears on screen
  • I have problems with my graphics card
  • Laptop screen has wobbly hinges
  • My Laptop shuts down intermittently
  • My Laptop is slow and crashes frequently
  • The Internet works fine on my other Laptop, but not on my Laptop
  • My Laptop will not start
  • My Laptop Screen is blank
  • My Laptop has a virus
  • I need to reinstall Windows
  • I have lost my recovery disks
  • My Laptop beeps when I switch it on
  • My Dc Jack is broken and needs soldering
  • Do you do soldering?
  • my laptop usb port is broken?
  • Internet doesn’t work
  • My Laptop doesn’t start at all
  • The Printer has stopped working
  • Laptop not Syncing
  • Slow Laptop
  • Keyboard has stopped working
  • USB port is damaged on my laptop
  • No sound
  • No video on my laptop
  • Laptop is plugged in but no power
  • Laptop LCD Screen has a fault & flickering
  • Webpages do not load properly
  • Laptop Platics are broken & cracked
  • Random restarting
  • Random power-off & shut down
  • DC Power port is wobbly
  • Need to upgrade memory
  • Laptop touch pad not working
  • Laptop not connecting to the network
  • Clicking a link sends me to a random website
  • Blue screen error
  • Noisy Laptop
  • Would like to use more than one screen
  • My backup fails
  • I’m running out of space on my laptop hard drive
  • My Laptop switches off after only a few minutes usage
  • 01793 422534
    15 Wainwright Close, Swindon, SN3 6JU
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    credit cards excepted for all Repairs
    15 Wainwright Close, Swindon, SN3 6JU
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